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Math logic, contradictions, proper nouns, and other secrets of SYMBOL MACHINES

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The Chicken-Hawk paradox of Stephen Hawking with the integer contradictions of 7 and 11.

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First, let's look at another blog post that describes modern SYMBOL  TIME MACHINE  and integers.

That blog post will led into the  proper noun features of :   Stephen-Hawking.

Thus we have the juxaposition of 2 attributes ....

and currently in year 2014 ...

Hawking and his associates are chickens in the intellectual portion of the SCIENCE WARS.


After the Science Wars: Science and the Study of Science

Keith Ashman, ‎Phillip Barringer - 2005 - ‎Philosophy
to the author (and to other contributors to the “Science Wars” issue), March 8. Scott, Janny (1996) “Postmodern gravity deconstructed, slyly,” New York Times ...

What are the “Science Wars - Tripod

Dr. Alan Sokal, physics professor at New York University, wrote the article, "Transgressing the ... The editors were planning a special issue on the "Science Wars" and they were quite baffled by ... Here's an example from the Times of London:.

Let's look at Principia Mathematica .... first, some CLUES about its influence on languages and data streams of consciousness ...

Principia Mathematica (PM) and its PM Time Machine


Principia Mathematica: (V. 3) (1910-13): Alfred North Whitehead ... www.amazon.com/Principia...V-3-1910.../1112230025‎ Amazon.com Could it be true that Whitehead and Russell's Principia Mathematica is the most influential book written in the 20th century? Ask any mathematician or ...

cover prin math

The Principia Mathematica is a three-volume work on the foundations of mathematics, written by Alfred North Whitehead and Bertrand Russell and published in 1910, 1912, and 1913. 
PM, as it is often abbreviated, was an attempt to describe a set of axioms and inference rules in symbolic logic from which all mathematical truths could in principle be proven.

Thus the mathematics of Principia Mathematica, the  SYMBOL MACHINE, Stepehen Hawking and the God Integers, and the Alan Turing machine cocnepts were used to build the  PM TIME MACHINE based on ...... 

Clock time greenwich

Greenwich Neighborhoods (math neighborhoods on the  EARTHL surface)
Greenwich Downtown            

Greenwich, CT Greenwich is located in Fairfield County, Connecticut, approximately 38 minute by train from Grand Central Terminal in Manhattan. The town is named after Greenwich, a borough of London. 



Let's look at the above description ...... what is Nature's SYMBOL MACHINE telling us about the other dimensions of 11-dimensional string theory physics, geo-physics, bio-physics, math, communications theory. etc.

Keyword concept CLUES:

1) geography state of Connecticut  --> super-syymmetry subet word --> Connect ..  LINK  ... pathway ....

2) Greenwich --> LINK to the ROPE subset word of euROPE  and --> Greenwich TIME

Greenwich Mean Time - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia en.wikipedia.org/wiki/

Greenwich_Mean_Time‎ Wikipedia Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) originally referred to the mean solar time at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, London, which later became adopted as a global ... ‎Royal Observatory, Greenwich - ‎British Summer Time - ‎24-hour watch

3) Fairfield --> subset word -->_Field  --> implies data  field --> implies Greenwich mean time data fields of Computer Earth system 370 ... as  predicted by Einstein's data processing DATA FIELD theory.

4) 38 minutes--> the 38th parallel to year 1952 Korean war 

5) 38 minutes --> LINK to uranium 238 and the Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family

6) Grand Central Station --> Grand Unified Theory and its Central Processing Unit .... symbol processor


Clock time greenwich

Above, the atomic clock is approaching  the carbon 12  signal --> 12 PM --> 12 PM --> Principia Mathematica code.

From the INTERNET we get the basic defintion:

12 noon is the BEGINNING of PM, so it is 12 pm = noon.

12 am is midnight (which is the beginning of AM).

Hope this helps!

Now, let's consider deeper levels of reality ...

12 noon is the BEGINNING of PM--> Principia Matheamtica logic and  philosophy 

12 am is midnight (which is the beginning of AM --> Atomic Mass ocde  ...thus 12 AM = carbon 12 Atomic Mass).

Therefore ...

The Principia Mathematica is a three-volume work on the foundations of mathematics --> extension to TIME Machine project started by H.G.Wells.,

Thus we think that 

1 PM --> Volume 1 of Principia Mathematica 

2 PM--> Volume  2

3 PM --> Voume 3 

7 PM
11 PM  --> Link to the EARTH warehouse of ideas/ concepts/ equations/ flow charts ....

LINK to warehouse SKU 11 (Stock Keeping Unit 11) ... that is  you ..humanoid bio-computer SYMBOL PROCESSOR   ... a product / an object within EARTH warehouse with a SKU11.

12 Am

Thus we see the integers  and their connection to PM --> Principia Mathematica.

Hawking tells us ....

However, if we do discover a complete theory, it should in time be understandable in broad principle by everyone, not just a few scientists. Then we shall all, philosophers, scientists, and just ordinary people, be able to take part in the discussion of the question of why it is that we and the universe exist. If we find the answer to that, it would be the ultimate triumph of human reason--for then we would know the mind of God.” ― Stephen Hawking, A Brief History of Time

God Created the Integers: The Mathematical ... - Google Books books.google.com › Mathematics › History & Philosophy‎ Bestselling author and physicist Stephen Hawking explores the "masterpieces" of mathematics, 25 landmarks spanning 2500 years and representing the work of ...

god-created-the-integers math hawking

Notice the secret words --->  25 landmarks spanning 2500 years 

25 refers to the Right triangle --> 3 exponent 2  +  4 exponent 2 = 25

25 --> biology --> words ...  bio + log y -->  logarithms clue ....  25, 250, 2500  .. with 

hexadecimal Base 16 HEX'fa' = 250 --> signal for the fa --> faculty group of oxygen atomic mass 16 life formats

25 land --> Loacal area network data of triangle space/time   ..that is .....  the mathematical-physics geography surface of COMPUTER EARTH and the TIME Machine project started in 1897.

time machine

What other features does the (Principia Mathematica) PM Time Machine have ?

7 PM 8 9 10 11 PM --> Link to the EARTH warehouse of ideas/ concepts/ equations/ flow charts .... LINK to warehouse SKU 11 (Stock Keeping Unit 11) ... that is you ..humanoid bio-computer SYMBOL PROCESSOR ... a product / an object within EARTH warehouse with a SKU11.

We need to use the Stephen Hawking   paradox , the no hair theorm, LINKED to Principia Mathematica and the featherless bipeds code (the no feathers theorem of Russsell and Whitehead).

No-hair theorem - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia en.wikipedia.org/wiki/No-hair_theorem‎ Wikipedia The no-hair theorem postulates that all black hole solutions of the .... Stephen Hawking's purported solution to the black hole unitarity paradox, first reported in ... ‎Example - ‎Changing the reference frame - ‎Four-dimensional space-time

and super-symmetry SYMBOL MACHINE physics language predicts a parallel may exist .....

No-feathers theorem of Principia mathematica, by Alfred North Whitehead ... and Bertrand ... quod.lib.umich.edu/.../aat3201.0001.001...‎ University of Michigan Lib... Thus " is a man" is formally equivalent to "2 is a featherless biped"; "' is an even prime" is formally equivalent to " is identical with 2." A function of a function is ...

Let's look at the integers that Hawking writes about .... 

odd integer 7 --> seven

odd integer 11 --> eleven

We have  a contradiction .....  integers that have the property of being odd  and  even.


Thus we see the 

Stephen Hawking   contradiction .....

the co-existence of a paradox in one existential entity.


This duality and its strange secrets have been mentioned before ...

--> Schrodinger and the cat in a box with 2 states of quantum existence


---> A Tale of Two Cities - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A Tale of Two Cities (1859) is a novel by Charles Dickens, set in London and Paris before and during the French Revolution. With well over 200 million copies ...


 What are the 2 cities? 

---> A Tale of   IBM base 2 .... Two Cities ?

---> The SYMBOL CITY within the  velocity of light travels at 186,000 ?
---> London a EARTH geography city,  an optical city of words and an audio city of harmonic wave with London Bridge is falling down

London Bridge Is Falling Down - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"London Bridge Is Falling Down" (also known as "My Fair Lady" or simply "London Bridge") is a traditional nursery rhyme and singing game, which is found in ...
Lyrics - ‎Melody - ‎The game - ‎Origins


 --->  Paris --> subset alphabet letter code  --> Par + is ---> Parallel information systems


--->  the French Revolution ..... representing the Solar System conflicts of the EARTH geography land of France and its yearly orbital REVOLUTION around the SUN



---> The French revolution ... an atomic, bio-physics   human activity that is an EXTERNAL display  of the INTERNAL  atomic social science conflicts of the periodic atomic table and its Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family ....  18 families in the atomic table of elements of life and thought --> those atomic thoughts rise up to a level of  visible expression VIA human display devices  ..such as the French  REVOLUTION.

  • Atomic Revolution: Electron Orbital Model Based on The Vector ...

    1. Atomic Revolution: Electron Orbital Model Based on The Vector Equilibrium or. A Classical View of the Atom as a Tensegrity Structure. Edward Suzuki Hoerdt ...
  • The frequency of Bohr`s electron

    The frequency of Bohr`s electron. ... kinetic energy of an electron inside the atom as proportional to its revolution frequency, but without fixing the proportionality ...



French Revolution - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The French Revolution was a period  (of the periodic atomic table output message system)   of radical social and political upheaval in France from 1789 to 1799 that profoundly affected French and modern history, ...




Thus we see the 

Stephen Hawking   contradiction ..... is related to math wars .....


Thus we see the SYMBOL MACHINE with math concepts, physics models of reality, etc ...... may have

problems that need to be intellectually resolved ......
 the failure of myopic thinkers to communicate
with others ....  causes NATURE's INTELLECT systems

to take the SYMBOL conflicts and transform them to  a visible EXTERNAL displays on the geography surface of EARTH using humanoid information display devices.



Stephen Hawking   contradiction and the University of Cambridge intellectual  world of symbols, ideas, concepts, social engineering models, brain engineering policies, and other good or confused ideas, 

...... the ERRORS of thought .... the CONTRA.dictions  got transformed from the Cambridge dimension of existence ...... got mapped to the physical biology and physical geography expression area  ... 



Contra Cross : Nicaragua, El Salvador, Central America, Insurgency

Based on his experience in El Salvador and with the Contras in Honduras/Nicaragua during the 1980's, Meara provides a crisp, thoughtful exposition of the ...



Nicaraguan Revolution - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Contra War ultimately ended following the signing of the Tela Accord in 1989 and .... through the Central American civil wars in El Salvador and Guatemala.


 through the Central American civil wars in El Salvado

 through the Central American civil wars in El Salvado

 through the Central Nervous System 370 bio-computer war .....  American civil wars in El Salvador  --> el = elmentary physics and Salvador the  Spanish artist / messenger with .....



Below the particle physics message with the calculus CLUE---> integration by parts 





The atomic, bio-phyics MODEL of  the new generation of EARTH LAB  humanoids




  • The Bush Family, Oliver North and the Murder of CIA Drug Smuggler --> SYMBOL MACHINE using  words drug commands to the brain computer  ...  smug, arrogant, snob, superior 

    Apr 25, 2013 - Reed was involved in Oliver North CIA Contra operations  (math contradictions and  math operations research) and Bush was ...... "The end of my career with the DEA took place in El Salvador.
  • Contras - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    According to the National Security Archive, Oliver North had been in contact ... in El Salvador, while it accused Nicaragua of actively supporting armed groups ...

Thus we see some pieces to the puzzles ....in year 2014.



In addition,  we have the Charles Percy Snow 1959 lecture on  the  TWO Cultures   problem .....

and that neglected problem .. a CAUSE in the creation of the super-symmetry tragic signaling EVENT .....


Charles  Percy Senator and the murder of his daughter


Charles Percy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Jump to U.S. Senate - During that campaign, Percy's 21-year-old daughter Valerie was murdered at the family home under mysterious circumstances, ...


The Murder of Valerie Percy; Kenilworth, 1966 - Laura Wilkerson ...

Sep 22, 2011 - Charles Percy lived a Horatio Algers novel brought to life. ... Paul Douglas, who had been a U.S. Senator from Illinois since first elected to the seat in 1948. .... have four children together, including a daughter named Valerie.



Thus in year 2104 ...

we see that universities do not communicate about various situations

 ... what is their role in the

secret social science murder systems .......

that they refuse to help study, analyze,  and repair.




Thus we see that Cambridge and their univerisity


 friends are  on the featherless bipeds ... CHICKEN brain side of the paradox:

Stephen Hawking and the group in England.

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