God Created the Integers, the Hawk, Godzin, and the Event Horizons of BP - -> Base Pair of the Far Horizons Resort and Deepwater Horizons

Math logic, contradictions, proper nouns, and other secrets of SYMBOL MACHINES

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Fermat Math and Bio-math

Concept Paper CP-034  by Herb Zinser   about bio-math life forms at  Princeton and Caltech.





Nature's odd integer life form that originated from the Darwinian  ...  Galapagos Islands extended region  of  Peru  .... and  bio-math human evolution.

He is now located at the other end of the  Charles Darwin  SYMBOL LIFE  continuum near ST.Charles (Darwin),   Illinois.

















The Time WAR .....

and the nearby Greenwich street TIME LINE   --> the  TWO TIME loser ........









Below, the math exponent NEWS announcement for  math, physics, and engineering students and their professors.




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