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Math logic, contradictions, proper nouns, and other secrets of SYMBOL MACHINES

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The Vietnam math logic war over Principia Mathematica to * 56

RD-blog-number-4226  by Herb Zinser  looks at the  CAUSE and EFFECT  factors  that created the  American involvement in the Vietnam war.


We have conflicts in the symbol world get mapped to physics REALITY conflicts.


Nature's SYMBOL MACHINE is comprised of  nouns, verbs, concepts, mat…

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Virginia TECH math war

Z-paper-1088 by Herb Zinser





































Thus we have some clues about Nature's SYMBOL MACHINE and its math languages that influence human thoughts  and t…

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Fermat Math and Bio-math

Concept Paper CP-034  by Herb Zinser   about bio-math life forms at  Princeton and Caltech.





Nature's odd integer life form that originated from the Darwinian  ...  Galapagos Islands extended region  of  Peru  .... and  bio-math human evolution.

He is now located at the…

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The Europe complex math variable battle of zeros and the bombing of the OSLO office complex function location.

RD-blog-number-3754 by Herb Zinser


The mathematical-physics continuum on the geography surface of EARTH is well-known.   Humans and human activities exist embedded within  that continuum of earthly space/time  .....  a region that comprises the Earth geography surface and the office buildings t…

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The Chicken-Hawk paradox of Stephen Hawking with the integer contradictions of 7 and 11.

Rd-blog-number-3641 by Herb Zinser

First, let's look at another blog post that describes modern SYMBOL  TIME MACHINE  and integers.

That blog post will led into the  proper noun features of :   Stephen-Hawking.

Thus we have the juxaposition of 2 attributes ....

and currently in year 2014 ...

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